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Call of Duty 3 for Sony Playstation 2
Alternate titles : Call of Duty 3 - En Marche Vers Paris
Year : 2006
Genre : FPS
Local Players : 1
Online Players : Up to 16
Franchise : Call of Duty
Manuals : USA
Name Function
Matthew Burns Associate Producer
Craig Harrison Associate Producer
Josh Heenan Associate Producer
Simon Song Associate Producer
Martin Theyer Associate Producer
Chris Bannock Engineer
Thad Bower Engineer
Chris Chu Engineer
Ryan Higa Engineer
Austin Krauss Engineer
Dan Laufer Engineer
Jason McKesson Engineer
Joseph Nugent Engineer
Andrew Olson Engineer
Kandarp Patel Engineer
Christian Stavro Engineer
Jivo Velev Engineer
Feng Zhang Engineer
Dave Anthony Executive Producer
Peter Livingstone Lead AI Programmer
James Snider Lead Programmer
Jason Blundell Producer
Sam Nouriani Producer
Daniel Bunting Producer - Multiplayer
Pat Bowman Production Coordinator
Brian Crowder Production Coordinator
John Shubert Production Coordinator
David Allen Production Intern
Colin Whitney Senior Effects Artist
Pat Dwyer Senior Producer
Matthew Kimberling Technical Director
George Tasudis Voice: Lucky Rudde