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Fight Club for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2004
Genre : Fighting
Local Players : 1-2

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Name Function
Saeron Bae Animators
David Chiapperino Animators
Jack Geckler Animators
Zachary Volker Animators
Joan Igawa Character Artists
Jim McPherson Character Artists
Jim McPherson Character Modeler
Daniel Francis Gutman Cinematic Director
Pakin Liptawat Concept Artist
David J. Broadhurst Director of Development
Ai-Fen Lo Environment Artists
Mikihiko Suzuki Environment Artists
Tiffany Vongerichten Environment Artists
Russ Gubler Genuine Games CEO
David J. Broadhurst Genuine Games CTO
Steven J. Batiste Genuine Games Technology Lead
Kevin Ashley Genuine Games Tools Lead
Scott Cameron Genuine Games Tools Support
Sridharan Thyagarajan Genuine Games Tools Support
James T. Tomasko Genuine Games Tools Support
James J. Ho Lead Environment Artist
Steven J. Batiste Lead Programmer
William S. Schmitt Producer
Matthew Carlone Programmers
Anthony Carotenuto Programmers
Hiep Dam Programmers
Bernd Kreimeier Programmers
Gary Kroll Programmers
Keith W. Thompson Programmers
Steven Rivera Senior Animators
Michael Yosh Senior Animators
Jeal Choi Senior Artisr
Murad Ainuddin Senior Character Artist
Richard Diamant Senior Character Modeler
Brian Weaver Senior Character Rigger