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King Arthur for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2005
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1-2

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Name Function
Andy Green Executive Producer
Robert Walsh Executive Producer
Erin Brown Lead Animator
Glenn Harris Lead Animator
Stuart MacKenzie Lead Artist
Robert Watson Lead Designer
David Yorke Lead Level Builder
James Podesta Lead Programmer
Daniel Cox Level Builder
William Foley Level Builder
Mihajlo Naumovic Level Builder
Rod Abernethy Original Music
David Adams Original Music
Jason Graves Original Music
Guy Cooper Producer
Ryan Booker Programmer
Perry Hart Programmer
Daniel Krenn Programmer
Gerard Van Der Linden Programmer
Shane Lontis Programmer
Jason Schroder Programmer
Damian Stewart Programmer
Doug Boyd Voice Actor
Andrew Chaiken Voice Actor
John Champion Voice Actor
Roger L. Jackson Voice Actor
Naomi Peters Voice Actor