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World Series Baseball '95 for Sega Megadrive
Year : 1995
Genre : Baseball
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : World Baseball
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
John Roy Art Director
Ray Ferro Artist
Phil Gordon Artist
Geoff Knobel Artist
Christ Kreidel Artist
Drew Krevi Artist
Amber Long Artist
Brian McMurdo Artist
Rick Randolph Artist
John Seidel Artist
Joe Shoopack Artist
George Simmons Artist
Dok Whitson Artist
Chris Cutliff Assistant Producer
Dana Christinson Design
Chuck Osieja Design
Jay Panek Design
Chuck Osieja Executive Producer
Wayne Townsend Executive Producer
Scott Seidel Lead Artist
David Dentt Lead Director
Jay Panek Producer
Chris Smith Producer
Dave Kunkler Programer
Mike Nana Programer
Kevin Baca Programmer
Larry Clague Programmer
Bill James Programmer
Barb Michaelec Programming Director
Sam Powell Sound, Speech, and Music
John Holland Voice Talent
Steve Mollenhauer Voice Talent
Chuck Osieja Voice Talent
Jay Panek Voice Talent
Scott Seidel Voice Talent
Jim Staylor Voice Talent