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Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The for Sega Megadrive
Year : 1993
Genre : Platform
Local Players : 1
Name Function
Tak Lau Additional Programming
Herve Marcel Additional Programming
Joseph A. Moses Additional Programming
Glen A. Schofield Art
Mark Van Hecke Audio
Jim Wallace Audio
Gregory A. Faccone Design
Dan Kitchen Design
Tak Lau Design
Barry Marx Design
Bruce Plotnick Design
Glen A. Schofield Design
W. Marshall Rogers Director
Howard Phillips Executive Producer
Amy Bond Graphics
Raymond Bradley Graphics
Gregory A. Faccone Graphics
John-Marc Grob Graphics
Ross Harris Graphics
Jennifer L. MacDonald Graphics
Glen A. Schofield Graphics
Bruce Plotnick Lead Programmer
Mark Van Hecke Music and Sound Effects
Dan Kitchen Producer
Roger Booth Technical Director