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AeroWings for Sega Dreamcast
Alternate titles : Aero Dancing featuring Blue Impulse
Year : 1999
Genre : Flight simulator
Local Players : 1-4
Other title : エアロダンシング featuring Blue impulse
Manuals : USA   EUR

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Name Function
Seiji Aoki CG Designer
Kiyoshi Fujita CG Designer
Masahiro Katsuta CG Designer
Yuichi Matsui CG Designer
Miwako Ohshima CG Designer
Katsumi Yabuno CG Designer
Takeshi Yamada CG Designer
Nao Yanase CG Designer
Toru Kujirai Director / Tool, Library
Michael Arkin Executive Producer
Shinya Izumi Planner
Eriko Takimura Planner
Keisuke Chiwata Producer
Daryl Pitts Producer
Hitoshi Iizawa Programmer
Takuo Kaneko Programmer
Yukinori Kaneko Programmer
Ryutaro Hayakawa Programmer / Tool, Library
Naoshi Kunisawa Sound
Toshinori Ishibashi Sound / Tool, Library
Nobuhiro Fujiwara Supervisor
Hideo Gunji Tool, Library