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Barbie Super Sports for Sony Playstation
Alternate titles : Barbie Sports Extreme
Year : 2000
Genre : Sports
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Barbie
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Mike Badillo Additional Art
Anthony Doe Additional Art
Koji Goto Additional Art
Patrick Tougas Additional Art
Brian Chrisman Additional Programming
Darryl Starr Additional Programming
Ben Hass Art Director
Aaron Akagi Artist
Tim Branan Artist
Daniel Goldman Artist
Greg Person Artist
Steve Feicht Artist Manager
Janice Adyani Associate Producer
Blair Simmons Cinematics
Doron Gartner Design
Ben Hass Design
Amy Boylan Design and Development
Jesyca C. Durchin Executive Producer
Chaun J. Ralls Game Design
Mike Wolraich Lead Programmer
Tim Glasser Level Editor Programmer
Lou Hass Music
Lara Noelle Jeng Music
Sara Lamar MacBride Music
Serge Verhovsky Music
Chaun J. Ralls Producer
Brian Chrisman Sound Effects
Matt Reoch Sound Effects
Dorton Garter Technical Director
Don DeLucia Technical Engineer