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Bass Tsuri ni Ikou! Let's Go Bassfishing! for Sony Playstation
Year : 1999
Genre : Fishing
Local Players : 1
Other title : バス釣りにいこう!

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Name Function
Takahiro Nonaka Design Helper
Ito Chan Designer
Seiichiro Kuroki Designer
Tsuyoshi Maruyama Designer
Kanji Nakai Designer
Koichi Karasawa Graphic System Programmer
Ito Chan Planner
Tsunenari Yada Producer
Yuji Hasegawa Program Helper
Mayumi Itoh Program Helper
Takeshi Kanai Program Helper
Masanori Kinosita Program Helper
Akihisa Nakamura Program Helper
Tatsuo Okada Program Helper
Hiroki Yokokawa Program Helper
Hiroko Kitajima Programmer
Minoru Okamoto Programmer
Miki Ono Programmer
Hiroshi Kobayashi Sound