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Battle Bugs for Sony Playstation
Year : 1997
Genre : Strategy
Local Players : 1
Other title : バトルバグス

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Name Function
Kozo Nishino Chief Programmer
Shinichi Inoue Director
Hiromi Ishikawa Executive Producer
Kozo Nishino Game Design
Rikiya Hirabayashi Graphic Designer
Shugo Inaba Graphic Designer
Tomoki Sekine Graphic Designer
Akira Takahashi Graphic Designer
Hikaru Uchino Graphic Designer
Yasuhisa Asakawa Producer
Tetsuya Ishikawa Producer
Daisaku Maeda Producer
Fujio Maruyama Producer
Shinya Asanuma Production Design
Akinori Anada Programmer
Takeshi Matsuura Programmer
Yasuhiro Todate Programmer
Soyo Oka Sound