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BlowOut for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2004
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1

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Name Function
David Haber Art Lead
Chuck Carson Artist
Mark Leon Artist
Travelle McEntyre Artist
Jared Morton Artist
Paul Eckstein Associate Producer
Mark Randel Engine Programmer
Brett Russell Executive Producer
Drew Haworth Game Design
Jeff Mills Game Design
Mark Orvik Lead Dialogue Writer
Craig Reichard Lead Programmer
Matt Persall Lead Sound Design
Kyle Richards Music & Sound Director
Sean Kolton Music Composition
Brendan Goss Producer
Omar Aziz Programmer
Jennifer Lear Programmer
Nathan Peugh Programmer
Daniel Young Programmer
David Glasscock Scripting
Jeff Mills Scripting
Jeff Morales Scripting
Cliff Nordman Scripting
Brett Russell Scripting
Eric Schatz Senior Level Designer
Patrick Amos Voice Talent
Parisa Fakhri Voice Talent
Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Talent