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Bug's Life, A for Sony Playstation
Alternate titles : 1001 Pattes; Bichos Una Aventura en Miniatura; Een Luizenleven; Et Insektliv; Ett Smakryps Liv; Graes-Rodderne; Grosse Krabbeln, Das; Oetoekaen Elaemaeae; Sma-kryp
Year : 1999
Genre : Platform
Local Players : 1
Franchise : A Bug's Life
Other title : バグズ・ライフ
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Dave Dootson 3D Engine Programming
Neil Allen Background Artwork
Bev Bush Background Artwork
Jeremy Pardon Background Artwork
Will Thompson Background Artwork
Neil Allen Character
Bev Bush Character
Jeremy Pardon Character
Will Thompson Character
Dave Burton Character Animation
Jeremy Pardon Character Animation
Dave Burton Character Artwork
Jon Burton Director
Hayden Panettier Dot voice
Dave Foley Flik voice
Nick Jameson Francis voice
Jon Burton Game design and programming
James Cunliffe Head artist
Joe Ranft Heimlich voice
Roddy McDowall Mr. Soil voice
Andy Blythe Music
Marten Joustra Music
David Hyde Pierce Slim voice
Jodi Benson Voice - Atta
Lauri Shillinger Voice - Blueberry Scout
Brad Garrett Voice - Dim
Madeliene Kahn Voice - Gypsy
Andrew Stanton Voice - Hopper
Jonathan Smith Voice - Manny
Richard Kind Voice - Molt
Bonnie Hunt Voice - Rosie
Jack Angel Voice - Thud
Michael Mcshane Voice - Tuck/Roll