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Cardinal Syn for Sony Playstation
Year : 1998
Genre : Fighting
Local Players : 1-2
Manuals : USA
Name Function
Louis Flores Additional Voices
Joe Lampone Additional Voices
Joel Monleon Additional Voices
Yenson Soetanto Additional Voices
Kee Suong Additional Voices
Anthony Vasquez Additional Voices
Mike Winterbauer Additional Voices
Louis Flores Animation
Joe Lampone Animation
Yenson Soetanto Animation
Kee Suong Animation
Mike Winterbauer Animation
Albert Co Animation / Additional Music / Visual EFX and Lighting
Andy Koo Animation Technical Director
Chad Okada Associate Producer
Takashi Morishima Conceptual Artist / Designer / Animator / Visual EFX and Lighting / Story Boards
Connie Booth Executive Producer
Albert Co Executive Producer / Art Director / Modeling & Texture Mapping
Stan Liu Executive Producer / Original Story & Character Concept
Bill Langley Graphic Designer
Mohammad Asad Lead Programmer
Louis Flores Modeling
Joe Lampone Modeling
Yenson Soetanto Modeling
Kee Suong Modeling
Mike Winterbauer Modeling
Steve Knotts Modeling & Texture Mapping / Animation / Motion Capture Actor
Scott McElroy Motion Capture Actor
Christi Miyahira Motion Capture Actress
Dwayne Mason Motion Capture Manager
Brian Johnson Motion Capture Technician
Jason Parks Motion Capture Technician
Dominic Perricone Motion Capture Technician
Brian Min Music Composition and SFX
Thomas Jung Preliminary Character Design
Pakin Liptawat Preliminary Character Design
Mike Michalopoulos Preliminary Character Design
Sandy Abe Producer
Andy Koo Producer
Jason Agolia Programmer
Sam Cai Programmer
Kim Lien Hoang Programmer
Feng Hu Programmer
Joseph Lee Programmer
Paul Lowrance Programmer
Max Reason Programmer
Kyle Riccio Programmer
Pravin Wagh Programmer
Francis Co Senior Animator
Kevin Lee Senior Animator
Patricia Winters Story / Biographies / Narration / Additional Voices / Cinematic Editing
Mike Michalopoulos Story Boards
Matt Arrington Technical Director
Stan Liu Voice Talent: Hecklar / Modeling & Texture Mapping
Dana Taing Voice Talent: Juni
Anthony Lagunzad Voice Talent: Khan
Chuck Suong Voice Talent: McKreig / Vanguard / Redemptor / Animator
Darrin Krumweide Voice Talent: Moloch / Modeling & Texture Mapping / Animation
Merrick Rustia Voice Talent: Mongwan / Modeling / Animation
Shelly Futch Voice Talent: Nephra
Joan Igawa Voice Talent: Orion / Modeling & Texture Mapping / Animator
Ted Warnock Voice Talent: Plague / Finkster / Mongoro / Motion Capture Actor / Animator
Mari Devon Voice Talent: Syn
John Paik Voice Talent: Vodu / Lead Conceptual Designer / Motion Capture Actor / Story Boards