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Cold War for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2005
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1

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Name Function
Jaroslav Cihelka Characters
Michal Hochmajer Environmental Art
Lukas Kraina Environmental Art
Rado Turko Environmental Art/Animations
Michal Beran Environmental Art/Characters
Tomas-Sep-Pluharik Executive Producer/Lead & Level Designer/Story
Karel Papik Executive Producer/Story/Script
Patrik Rak Lead Programmer
Rudolf-Jolly-Matousek Level Designer
David Hanzl Level Designer/Story
Pavel Kriz Level Designer/Story
Jan Dusek Music & SFX
Peter Arbet Programmer
Michal Celler Programmer
Jiri Divorak Programmer
Petr Trovarys Programmer
Stepan Vondrak Programmer