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DOOM 64 for Nintendo 64
Year : 1997
Genre : FPS
Local Players : 1
Franchise : DOOM
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Laurent Bezault 3D Model Animation
Sukru Gilman 3D Model Animation
Adrian Carmack Art
Kevin Cloud Art
Francisco Gracia Artists & Animation
Andy Wilson Artists & Animation
Jay Wilbur Biz
Mike Wilson Biz
Donna Jackson Biz Assistant
Shawn Green Design
American McGee Design
Sandy Petersen Design
John Romero Design
Shawn Green Development Support
Sukru Gilman Lead Artist & 3D Models
Aaron Seeler Lead Programmer
Randy Estrella Levels
Tim Heydelaar Levels
Danny Lewis Levels
Aubrey Hodges Music & Sounds
Michael Abrash Programming
John Carmack Programming
John Cash Programming
John Romero Programming
David Taylor Programming
Brian Johnson Software Development Mangaer
Scott Patterson Sound System
Peter Chang Testing
Sunny Chu Testing
Josh Hutchins Testing
Steve Kramer Testing
Jason Shigenaka Testing
Dan Wagner Testing