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Daze Before Christmas for Nintendo Super NES
Year : 1994
Genre : Platform
Manuals : EUR

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Name Function
Lars Petter Anfinsen Additional Graphics
Erik Bakken Additional Graphics
Torkell Bernsen Additional Graphics
Christophe Branche Additional Graphics
Ronnie Jensen Additional Graphics
Glenn Kristoffersen Additional Graphics
Colin Mc Mahon Additional Graphics
Tommy Svensson Additional Graphics
Carl-Henrik Skarstedt Additional Programming
Eivind Hagen Data Crunching Program
Roar Flolo Engine Design
Morten Ofstad Engine Design
Eivind Eklund Environment Programming
Johan Kohler Environment Programming
Ivar Just Olsen Environment Programming
Erik Gloersen Executive Producer
David Siller Executive Producer
Gaute Godager Game Design
Bjorn Rostoen Game Design
Tommy Sydsæter Game Design
Jack Kristoffersen Level Editing
Ole-Petter Rosenlund Main Character Animation
Joachim Barrum Main Graphics Artist
Tore Blystad Main Graphics Artist
Ole-Petter Rosenlund Main Graphics Artist
Rita Zimmerer Main Inspiration
Olav Morkrid Main Programming
Kim M. Jensen Music and Sound Effects
Geir Tjelta Music and Sound Effects
Sam Patel Producer
Henning Rokling Producer
Al Artus Technical Manager