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Fifth Element, The for Sony Playstation
Alternate titles : Cinquième Élement, Le
Year : 1998
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1
Other title : フィフス・エレメント
Manuals : USA
Name Function
Emmanuelle Dabos Additional Art
Olivier Fleurette Additional Art
Hugues Giboire Additional Art
Crystel Mrowka Additional Art
David Gallardo Additional Programming
Jean-Francois Lopez Additional Programming
Benoit Milhorat Animation
Chong Yong Yi Moua Animation
Jerome d'Aviau de Piolant Coach Artist
Alain Guyet Coach Programmer
Thierry Ardiller Level Design
Thierry Burlot Level Design
Anthony Desmazeau Level Design
Olivier Lesaint Level Design
Cyril Moreul Level Design
Ralph Musti Level Design
David Dedeine Level Lighting
Frederic Motte Music and Sound
Nicolas Sanchez Music and Sound
Larry Galka Producer
Nicolas Gaume Production
Joel Suys Programmer
Eric Thommerot Programmer