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Gauntlet Legends for Nintendo 64
Year : 1999
Genre : RPG
Local Players : 1-4
Franchise : Gauntlet
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Rhizaldi Bugawan 2D Artists
Cecil Carthen 2D Artists
Steve Caterson 2D Artists
Rhizaldi Bugawan Animator
Takeshi Hasegawa Animator
Don Livingston Animator
Paul Metcalfe Animator
Kiyoshi Okuma Animator
Steve Caterson Art Director
Pablo Buitrago Audio
Barry Leitch Audio
John Paul Audio
Bill Hindorff Executive Producer
Mark Pierce Executive Producer
Brian E. Marshall Lead Artist
David O'Riva Lead Programmer
Mike Hally Level Population
kj.Holm Level Population
Scot Amos Producer
Howard Lehr Producer
Steven Bennetts Programmer
Andy Karn Programmer
Mike Kelly Programmer
Ed Logg Programmer
Hugh Sider Programmer
Doug Lawrence Voice of the Sumner
Paul Barton World Builder
Steve Caterson World Builder
Ron Evans World Builder
Greg Holt World Builder
Terry Lloyd World Builder
Brian E. Marshall World Builder
Chris Sutton World Builder