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Himitsu Kessha Q for Sony Playstation
Year : 1998
Genre : Strategy
Local Players : 1

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Name Function
Tomohiro Shibuya 2D Graphics
Yasuhiro Yamamoto 2D Graphics
Rie Yamamoto 2D Graphics
Kazuhiko Urano 3D Graphics
Yoshiaki Tejima Battle Part Director
Yasuhiro Yamamoto Character Design
Wataru Horiba Director
Tetsuro Shima Executive Producer
Tomohiro Shibuya Map Design
Yoshiaki Tejima Map Design
Yasuhiro Yamamoto Map Design
Wataru Horiba Planner
Hiroyuki Kanemaru Planner
Yoshiaki Tejima Planner
Kenichi Nakamichi Programmer
Koji Tsukuda Programmer
Hiroyuki Kanemaru Scenario
Yukiko Hino Sound
Shinji Kawashima Sound
Tadashi Sawashita Sound