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Jet Moto 3 for Sony Playstation
Year : 1999
Genre : Racing
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Jet Moto
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Sharon Plotkin Additional Art
August Johnson Additional Design and Modeling
Burt Sloane Additional Programming and Optimization
Jim Alary Art Project Management
Jennifer Bacon Art Project Management
Jim Alary Art Staff
Rob James Art Staff
Drew Medina Art Staff
Ryan Paul Art Staff
Ken Proudfoot Art Staff
Randal Shaffer Art Staff
Jef Shears Art Staff
Stephen Tang Art Staff
Mike Benton Assitant Producer
Buzz Burrowes Audio Engineering and Programming
Drew Medina Creative Art Lead
Eu-Ming Lee Lead Software Engineer
Sean Vesce Preliminary Design Document
Don Traeger Producer
Hunter Luisis Producer and Track Designer
Matt Gaston Programmer
Dennis Harper Programmer
John Salwitz Shell Coding
Kevin Shapiro Shell Coding
Dennis Harper Technical Direction and Project Leader
Jim Alary Track Designer
Richard Forge Track Designer
Rob James Track Designer
Randal Shaffer Track Designer
Jef Shears Track Designer
Stephen Tang Track Designer