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Kaminari Ishiyumi Kihei Guybrave for Sony Playstation
Year : 1997
Genre : Beat em up
Local Players : 1-2
Other title : 雷弩機兵 ガイブレイブ

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Name Function
Koji Higuchi Assistant Director
Reiko Nagakura Assistant Director
Ken Kasahara Character Design
Masao Shiroto Character Design
Shigehiro Yamashita Character Design
Masao Shiroto Director
Koji Kai Executive Producer
Gozo Shiozaki Executive Producer
Motohiro Tsuji MA & Recording Engineer
Mitsuru Takahashi Main Programmer
Naoki Sakamoto Motion Design
Kazuo Sawa Music Composer
Nobuyuki Jitsukawa Producer
Takeshi Hosono Programmer
Toshiyuki Kondo Programmer
Touru Wahira Ridegear & Background Design
Touru Tsuboya Ridegear & Weapon Texture
Masao Shiroto Ridegear & Background Design
Daisuke Gouri Voice Actor: Dahar (Japanese)
Katsuji Mori Voice Actor: Gegen (Japanese)
Ryotaro Okiayu Voice Actor: Jonny (Japanese)
Takeshi Aono Voice Actor: Kemoo (Japanese)
Mitsuo Iwata Voice Actor: Ken (Japanese)
Michihiro Ikemizu Voice Actor: Raiden (Japanese)
Sakura Tange Voice Actress: Gyulita (Japanese)
Rumi Kasahara Voice Actress: Momolita (Japanese)
Yuko Miyamura Voice Actress: Scully (Japanese)