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King's Field for Sony Playstation
Year : 1994
Genre : Adventure
Local Players : 1
Franchise : King's Field
Other title : キングスフィールド

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Name Function
Koji Endo Music Composer
Kaoru Kono Music Composer
Yasushi Kawakami Sound Effect Programmer
Hiroyuki Arai Staff
Eiichi Hasegawa Staff
Toshiki Hirota Staff
Taku Ichinose Staff
Junji Izaki Staff
Yasuyoshi Karasawa Staff
Toshiya Kimura Staff
Shinichi Komai Staff
Masashi Moriya Staff
Shinichiro Nishida Staff
Mitsuhiro Okamura Staff
Toshio Shimada Staff
Yuko Takahashi Staff
Nobuo Takemasa Staff
Sakumi Watanabe Staff
Noriaki Yoshikawa Staff
Naotoshi Zin Staff