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Lost Vikings, The for Sega Megadrive
Year : 1993
Genre : Platform
Local Players : 1-3
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Cheryl Austin Additional Artwork
Todd Camasta Additional Artwork
Spencer Kipe Additional Artwork
Samwise Didier Artwork
Joeyray Hall Artwork
Jason Magness Artwork
Clyde Matsumoto Artwork
Ronald Miller Artwork
Stu Rose Artwork
Steve Nguyen Assistant Producer
Brian Fargo Executive Producer
Hames E. Anhalt III Genesis Programming
Patrick Wyatt Genesis Programming
Ronald Miller Level Design/Artwork
Matt Furniss Music
Charles Deenen Original Music
Allen Adham Original Programming
Alan Pavlish Producer
Allen Adham Producer/Programming
Michael Morhaim Programming
Frank Pearce Programming
Dave Bean Sound & Music
Allister Brimble Sound & Music
Rick Jackson Sound & Music
Alan Premselaar Sound & Music
Glenn Stafford Sound & Music