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Mario Tennis Advance for Nintendo GameBoy Advance
Alternate titles : Mario Power Tennis; Mario Tennis - Power Tour
Year : 2005
Genre : Tennis
Local Players : 1
Franchise : Mario Sports

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Name Function
Akiko Sato Assistant Director
Yusuke Sugimoto Assistant Director
Toshiharu Izuno Assistant Producer
Fumihide Aoki Character Animation
Hiroto Nakashima Character Animation
Satoshi Tamai Character Animation
Fumihide Aoki Character Design
Shigeru Miyamoto Character Design
Shin Tamanouchi Character Design
Tasuku Machida Coordination
Masaho Nomura Coordination
Shinya Sano Coordination
Masaaki Uno Coordination
Yutaka Yamamoto Director
Satoru Iwata Executive Producer
Tetsuya Horie Field Character Graphics
Kanako Horiguchi Field Character Graphics
Teppei Kamata Field Character Graphics
Akiko Komiya Field Character Graphics
Kaori Matsunaga Field Character Graphics
Masato Kawamura Game Designer
Shigeo Matsuzawa Game Designer
Norisumi Osawa Game Designer
Kentaro Sakou Game Designer
Shuji Shimizu Game Designer
Ayumu Shindo Game Designer
Fumihide Aoki Graphic Director
Kanae Kobata Graphic Support
Yoichi Kotabe Graphic Support
Shigehisa Nakaue Graphic Support
Yo Ohnishi Graphic Support
Tsuyoshi Watanabe Graphic Support
Masanori Sato Illustration
Wataru Yamaguchi Illustration
Tetsuya Chiba Map Graphics
Teppei Kamata Map Graphics
Shinichiro Sugimoto Map Graphics
Kenji Numaya Menu Designer
Yasuhiro Taguchi Menu Designer
Kazunori Mimori Minigames Designer
Haruki Ooe Minigames Designer
Yasuhiro Taguchi Minigames Designer
Toru Takamatsu Minigames Designer
Motoi Sakuraba Music
Fumahide Aoki Opening and Ending Graphics
Mitsumasa Muraishi Opening and Ending Graphics
Hiroto Nakashima Opening and Ending Graphics
Satoshi Tamai Opening and Ending Graphics
Toru Takamatsu Opening Programming
Shinji Hatano Producer
Shugo Takahashi Producer
Hiroyuki Takahashi Producer
Masato Kawamura RPG Designer
Ikuo Komiyama RPG Designer
Haruki Ooe RPG Designer
Akiko Sato RPG Designer
Keisuke Sudo RPG Designer
Erkan Kasap Senior Assistant Manager
Masaaki Uno Sound Director
Takeshi Arai Sound Effects
Masaaki Uno Sound Effects
Koji Kondo Sound Support
Hiroyuki Takahashi Subscript and Game Design
Shigeru Miyamoto Supervisor
Takashi Tezuka Supervisor
Haruki Kodera System Programming
Yasuhiro Taguchi System Programming
Yutaka Yamamoto Tennis Designer
Charles Martinet Voice
Takashi Nagasako Voice
Kazumi Totaka Voice
Tetsuya Chiba Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics
Akiko Komiya Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics
Mitsumasa Muraishi Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics
Junko Nakada Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics
Norisumi Osawa Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics
Ayumu Shindo Windows and Lettering Design and Graphics