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Misaki-Aggressive! for Sony Playstation
Year : 1998
Genre : Adventure
Local Players : 1
Other title : みさき アグレッシヴ!

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Name Function
Manami Koyama Artist
Hiromi Matsushita Character Design
Masaharu Shimizu Character Design
Noritsugu Nitta Director
Hideaki Ohta Director
Daigorou Kikuta Graphics
Masahiro Sano Graphics
Masaki Tanimoto Music
Hiromi Matsushita Original Picture
Masaharu Shimizu Original Picture
Noritsugu Nitta Planner
Hideaki Ohta Planner
Manabu Kobayashi Programmer
Noritsugu Nitta Programmer
Hideaki Ohta Programmer
Hideaki Ohta Scenario
Hiroshi Horiguchi Sound Director
Akiko Hiramatsu Voice: Ayano (Japanese)
Konami Yoshida Voice: Hitomi (Japanese)
Mika Kanai Voice: Kiriko (Japanese)
Takumi Kurebayashi Voice: Masumi (Japanese)
Machiko Toyoshima Voice: Mirai (Japanese)
Minami Omi Voice: Misaki (Japanese)
Hiro Yuuki Voice: Misaki's Father (Japanese)
Kenichi Ogata Voice: Misaki's Grandfather (Japanese)
Rio Natsuki Voice: Moe (Japanese)
Satomi Kohrogi Voice: Reika (Japanese)
Miki Nagasawa Voice: Sara (Japanese)