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Mortal Kombat for Sega Megadrive
Alternate titles : Mortal Kombat - Shinken Kourin Densetsu
Year : 1993
Genre : Fighting
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Mortal Kombat
Manuals : WRD

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Name Function
Curt Chiarelli Goro Stop Motion Minature Creator
Daniel Pesina Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Reptile/Sub-Zero Actor
Dan Pesina Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Sub Zero/Reptile
Richard Divizio Kano
Richard Divizio Kano Actor
Ho Sung Pak Liu Kang
Ho Sung Pak Liu Kang/Shang Tsung Actor
Matt Furniss Music Port
Carlos Pesina Raiden/Rayden
Carlos Pesina Raiden/Rayden Actor
Ed Boon Scorpion
Philip Ahn Shang Tsung
Elizabeth Malecki Sonya Blade
Elizabeth Malecki Sonya Blade Actress
Allister Brimble Sound