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PO'ed for Sony Playstation
Year : 1996
Genre : FPS
Local Players : 1

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Name Function
Ken Hemdon 3D Models
Dan Robbins 3D Models
Kenta Williams 3D Models
Justin Willow 3D Models
Irene Pan Additional Programming
Chris Downend Executive Producer
Russ Pflughaupt Game Design
Brian Yen Game Design
Jeff Fohl Graphics
Jane Summerhauser Graphics
Kenta Williams Graphics
Justin Willow Graphics
Brian Yen Graphics
Phil Lam Marketing
Billfield Cheng Monster Design
Jeff Fohl Monster Design
Nate Huang Monster Design
Sebastian Hyde Monster Design
Svea Seredin Monster Design
Justin Willow Monster Design
Russ Pflughaupt Producers
Brian Yen Producers
Stacey Campbell Programming
Nate Huang Programming
Russ Pflughaupt Programming
Brian Yen Programming
Kenta Williams Sound Design
Jim Savitt Title Music
Phil Lam Writer