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Pandora Max Series Vol. 6 - Oni Zero - Fukkatsu for Sony Playstation
Year : 2001
Genre : RPG
Local Players : 1
Franchise : Oni

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Name Function
Keiko Fujita Artwork
Mayumi Nakajima Artwork
Yoko Honma Backgrounds
Akira Narukami Backgrounds
Mayumi Noda Backgrounds
Mayumi Ogawa Backgrounds
Takamitsu Okutomo Backgrounds
Yukie Itoh Battle Character Design
Yasuko Okada Battle Character Design
Mizuho Tanaka Battle Character Design
Kaori Ueno Battle Character Design
Noriko Oikawa Battle Effects
Kaori Ueno Battle Effects
Tomoko Watanabe Battle Effects
Jun Kamiya Character Design
Yasuhiro Hashimoto Ending Theme Composer
Shizuka Iida Event Character Design
Kazuya Sakamoto Event Character Design
Shingo Yamashita Event Character Design
Kenji Aida Event Designer
Akiko Ito Event Designer
Satoru Morita Game Design
Masakazu Yamada Game Design
Hidekazu Funakoshi Main Program
Takeo Iijima Main Scenario
Atsushi Migaki Opening Theme Composer
Takeo Iijima Producer
Tetsuya Kawahara Program
Takashi Ohuchi Program
Yasuhiro Hashimoto Sound
Atsushi Migaki Sound
Setsuo Sakamoto Sound
Kenji Aida Sub Scenario
Tomomi Nozue Sub Scenario
Keiko Wada Sub Scenario