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Pastel Muses for Sony Playstation
Alternate titles : Simple 1500 Series Vol. 20 - The Puzzle
Year : 1997
Genre : Puzzle
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Simple 1500 Series

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Name Function
Hiroshi Okuno CG Advisor
Keiichi Takeda CG Movie
Shoichi Watanabe CG Movie
Akihito Yamamoto CG Movie
Kenichiro Kawasaki Character Designer
Tadashi Fukui Director
Keiichi Takeda Game Graphics
Katsuhisa Tosaki Game Graphics
Shoichi Watanabe Game Graphics
Akihito Yamamoto Game Graphics
Ryoma Yoshigai Game Graphics
Tadashi Fukui Movie Director
Tadashi Fukui Movie Editor
Toru Mitsuhashi Movie Editor
Toru Mitsuhashi Movie Program
Tadashi Fukui Planner
Atsushi Kajino Planner
Hiroshi Watanabe Producer
Kenichi Narita Programmer
Hiroyuki Nakanishi Sound
Naoki Sakane Sound