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Pop'n Music 5 for Sony Playstation
Year : 2001
Genre : Music / Dance
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Pop'n Music
Other title : ポップンミュージック5

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Name Function
Yoichi Hayashi Artist Tie Up Coordinator
Ayumu Nishino Design Director
Kazumi Kitaue Executive Producer
Hiromi Harada Graphic Designer
Kazuha Hayashi Graphic Designer
Miyuki Matate Graphic Designer
Shiro Miyazaki Graphic Designer
Aoi Tagami Graphic Designer
Yasushi Fujisawa Main Programmer
Yoichi Hayashi Music Composer
Yasuhiro Ichihashi Music Composer
Yasuhisa Ito Music Composer
Junichiro Kaneda Music Composer
Seiya Murai Music Composer
Satoru Nakata Music Composer
Hiroyuki Togo Music Composer
Yuichi Tsuchiya Music Composer
Shinji Ushiroda Music Composer
Koji Hiroshita Producer
Kenichi Miyaji Programmer
Yuta Sakamoto Programmer
Toshihisa Satake Programmer
Atsushi Suwa Programmer
Yoichi Hayashi Sound Data Analyzer
Eiichi Kitsukawa Sound Data Analyzer
Yoichi Hayashi Sound Director
Eiichi Kitsukawa Sound Programmer
Yoichi Hayashi Vocalist
Kiyomi Kumano Vocalist
Yurika Nagasawa Vocalist
Megumi Oka Vocalist
Sanae Shintani Vocalist
Hiroyuki Togo Vocalist
Kazutoshi Uematsu Vocalist