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RLH - Run Like Hell for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2004
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1

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Name Function
Edward Lee Bowman II Animation
Christine Thomas Animation
Joe Cesario Art
Dave Finlay Art
Tyler Hinkle Art
Darren Lee Art
Khanh Nguyen Art
Mike Nicholson Art
Chris Regalado Art
Alendor Vulaj Associate Producer
Gene Semell Audio Director
Donnie Cornwell Design
Steve Gazda Design
Scott Holty Design
Henry Lee Design
Albert Dilson Game Music
C.J. Cowan Lead Animator
Dave Matthews Lead Artist
Brian Freyermuth Lead Designer
Darren Walker Lead Programmer
Ihon Zur Music
Jeff Jirsa Producer
Michael Braley Programming
Andrew Klinzing Programming
Shaun McCabe Programming
Rene Hakiki Project Manager
Grey Delisle Voice (Amanda)
Thomas F. Wilson Voice (Craig)
Clancy Brown Voice (Dag'rek)
Kate Mulgrew Voice (Dr. Mek)
Corey Burton Voice (Drone)
Sherman Howard Voice (Engineer)
Brad Dourif Voice (Fred)
Tress MacNeille Voice (Huginn Captain)
Jason Marsden Voice (Jessie)
Pamela Segall Voice (Jinx)
Julianne Grossman Voice (Marine Leader)
Corey Burton Voice (Marine)
Kevin Michael Richardson Voice (Niles)
Cree Summer Voice (Samantha)
Tress MacNeille Voice (Scout)
Michael Ironside Voice Actor: CMD.Mason
Lance Henriksen Voice Actor: Nick Conner