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Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder for Nintendo GameBoy Advance
Year : 2001
Genre : Snowboarding

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Name Function
Hiroshi Hirano 3D Modeling
Kengo Suganuma 3D Modeling
Reiko Hirota Artist
Masanori Kitsuta Artist
Kouichi Mashimo Artist
Atsushi Noda Artist
Koji Ryusekidou Artist
Mika Hayashi Executive Producer
Manabu Hatada Game Design
Yoshio Watanabe Music & Sound FX
Naoki Eriguchi Producer
Takashi Hayashi Producer
T. Colin Mack Producer
Kentaro Kunikane Programming
Takanori Kuwana Programming
Masaru Mizuno Programming
Hiroki Take Programming
Jun Urashima Programming