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Simple 1500 Series Vol. 56 - The Sniper for Sony Playstation
Year : 2001
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1
Other title : SIMPLE1500シリーズ Vol.56 THE スナイパー

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Name Function
Ken Inoue 2D Graphic Designer
Takahiro Amari 3D Graphic Designer
Ai Azuma 3D Graphic Designer
Hisashi Goto 3D Graphic Designer
Takashi Hayatsu 3D Graphic Designer / Storypart Designer / Programmer
Naoi Azahara Assistant Producer
Cosmo Kitamoto Executive Adviser
Yuji Itoh Executive Producer
Yukiko Iwasaki Illustration Designer
Ai Azuma Map Designer
Tadahiro Oda Opening & Ending Movies
Tomokazu Sato Opening & Ending Music
Ken Inoue Opening & Ending Movies
Sendai Ono Original Story
Kiyotaka Naoi Planner
Junichi Kobayashi Programmer
Kasumi Goto Recording Engineer
Manabu Numata Recording Engineer
Kiyotaka Naoi Scenario
Nobuyuki Okajima Series Producer
Michiko Chiba Voice Talent: C.A. (Japanese)
Yukino Ikeda Voice Talent: Gloria Shilververg (Japanese)
Shuichi Ikeda Voice Talent: Harry C. Spencer (Japanese)