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Simple 1500 Series Vol. 91 - The Gambler ~Honoo no Tobaku Densetsu~ for Sony Playstation
Year : 2002
Genre : Other
Local Players : 1
Franchise : Simple 1500 Series
Other title : SIMPLE1500シリーズ Vol.91 THE ギャンブラー ~炎の賭博伝説~

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Name Function
Naotoshi Shike 2D Design
Takashi Yasuno 3D Design
Kazumi Nishino 3D Graphics
Naoi Azahara Assistant Producer
Yuichiro Shirota Assistant Producer
Keiko Yoshii Director
Cosmo Kitamoto Executive Adviser
Yuji Itoh Executive Producer
Yoko Furukawa Game Board Design
Keiko Yoshii Main Planner
Naoki Yamada Main Program
Kimihiro Sato Planner
Daisei Saitoh Producer
Nobuyuki Okajima Series Producer
Takane Ohkubo Sound