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Still Life for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2005
Genre : Adventure
Local Players : 1
Franchise : Still Life

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Name Function
Jonathan Beaubien Animator
Sebastien Bergeron Animator
John Gieger Animator
Luc Lanteigne Animator
Daniel Perron Character Design
Melanie Caron Character Models/Texture Art
Yannick Cloutier Character Models/Texture Art
Patrick Gagne Character Models/Texture Art
Michel Cadieux Cinematics Animator
Phillipe Greffard Cinematics Animator
Martine Quesnel Cinematics Animator
Richard Neron Cinematics Supervisor
Ross Coburn Designer
Israel Duchesne Designer
Dominic Mercure Designer
Mathieu Aerni Environment Models/Texture Art
Yannick Couture Environment Models/Texture Art
Johanne Drolet Environment Models/Texture Art
Thomas Rodrigue Environment Models/Texture Art
Johannes The Environment Models/Texture Art
Elspeth Tory Lead Animator
Hubert Corriveau Lead Artist
Jacques Marcoux Lead Artist
Mathieu Lariviere Lead Designer/Story & Dialog
Terence Chiu Lead Programmer
Dave Lynch Programmer
Jonathan Villani Programmer
Jean-Francois Pelletier Project Manager
Dimitri Bodiansky Sound Design & Music
Bruno Gueracague Sound Design & Music
Nick Varley Sound Design & Music
Frederic Maloney Sound Engineer