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Valis for Sega Megadrive
Alternate titles : Mugen Senshi Valis
Year : 1991
Genre : Action
Local Players : 1
Franchise : Valis
Manuals : USA

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Name Function
Osamu Nabeshima Character Design
Hiroaki Kai Designer
Toshiya Sasakai Designer
Hiroshi Sawamura Designer
Kazuya Tsukazaki Designer
Eiji kikuchi Director
Jiro Fukushima Executive Producer
Kazuyuki Fukushima Executive Producer
Yuuji Fukushima Executive Producer
Hiroaki Kai Music Composer
Minoru Yuasa Music Composer
Minoru Yuasa Producer
Atsushi Komiya Programmer
Yasuhisa Tanaka Programmer
Tomoko Miura Scenario Wtiter