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Wrath Unleashed for Microsoft Xbox
Year : 2004
Genre : Strategy
Local Players : 1-4

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Name Function
Paul Belmore Animation
Roberta Browne Animation
Michael Gates Animation
Paul Lee Animation
David Nilsen Animation
Santosh Oommen Animation
Mike Pirozzi Arena Design
Anthony Doe Character Design/Scripting
Ryan W. Enslow Character Design/Scripting
Noah Tool Character Design/Scripting
Garrett Smith Characters
Brian Horton Cinematic Director
Richard Hate Creative Director
Mark Bergo Effects
Eric Greenlief Effects
Matt Olson Environments
Jon Tucci Environments
Dan Mycka Lead Artist
James Farley Lead Designer
Mike Singleton Lead Programmer
Jason King Lead Tools Programmer
Jack Wall Music Creator/Composer
Cordy Rierson Producer
Alain Larose Sound FX Designer
Temara Schulze Strategy Map Design
Feng Chen Technical Director
Nathan Hunt Technical Director/Lead Programmer
David Mark Byttow Technology
Rachid El Guerrab Technology
Paul Im Technology
Michel Messieres Technology
Sergey Parilov Technology
Vincent Scheib Technology
Stephan Sherman Technology
Eubank Wang Technology
Tammy Yap Technology
Jean-Louis Clement Tools
Dustin McCartney Tools