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Pac-Man - Special Color Edition
Pac-Man - Special Colour Edition
Pachi Pachi Pachi-Slot - New Pulsar Hen
Pachinko CR Mouretsu Genjin T
Pachinko Hissou Guide - Data no Ousama
Perfect Choro Q
Perfect Dark
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2
Pica-Pau Racing
Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle
Planet der Affen
Planet of the Apes
Player Manager 2001
Playmobil Interactive - Laura
Pocket Billiard Fank - The 9 Ball
Pocket Bomberman
Pocket Bowling
Pocket Color Billiard
Pocket Color Block
Pocket Color Mahjong
Pocket Color Trump
Pocket Cooking
Pocket Densha 2
Pocket Family GB2
Pocket G1 Stable
Pocket GT
Pocket Hanafuda
Pocket King
Pocket Lure Boy
Pocket Monsters Crystal Version
Pocket Monsters Eun
Pocket Monsters Geum
Pocket Monsters Gin
Pocket Monsters GO! GO! - The Pikachu Nightmare
Pocket Monsters GO!GO!GO!
Pocket Monsters Kin
Pocket Monsters Pinball
Pocket Music
Pocket no Naka no Oukoku
Pocket Pro Wrestling - Perfect Wrestler
Pocket Pro Yakyuu
Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun
Pocket Puyo Puyo~n
Pocket Racing
Pocket Soccer
Pokemon - Edicion Cristal
Pokemon - Edicion Oro