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Wave Race 64 for Nintendo 64
Alternate titles : Wave Race 64 - Kawasaki Jet Ski
Year : 1996
Genre : Racing
Local Players : 1-2
Franchise : Wave Race
Manuals : USA   FRA

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Name Function
Hideki Fujii CG Illustrator
Kazumi Yamaguchi CG Illustrator
Mitsuhiro Takano Demo Sequence Director
Yoichi Yamada Demo Sequence Director
Takumi Kawagoe Demo Sequence Programmer
Hajime Nakamura Demo Sequence Programmer
Daisuke Tsujimura Demo Sequence Programmer
Katsuya Eguchi Director
Shinya Takahashi Director
Hiroshi Yamauchi Director
Katsuhiko Kanno Graphic Design
Hiroyuki Kimura Graphic Design
Kenta Usui Graphic Design
Tsuyoshi Watanabe Graphic Design
Keizo Ohta Main Programmer
Kazumi Totaka Music Composer
Shigeru Miyamoto Producer
Takashi Endo Programmer
Tsutomu Kaneshige Programmer
Hiroki Sotoike Programmer
Kimiyoshi Fukui Project Management
Keizo Kato Project Management
Hideaki Shimizu Sound Programmer
Takao Sawano Technical Support
Hirohito Yoshimoto Technical Support
John Hulaton Voice Talent
Kiyomi Yamazaki Voice Talent